Monday, August 4, 2008

Day Six. Meet Ethan.

Ethan Gabriel. He got the coveted brown hair and blue eyes. Ethan is one of the quieter siblings. He doesn't really need the attention all the time. But when he gets talking, he knows what he is saying and he has plenty of good stories. Echo and I used to (and still do) sing 'Look into my eyes' he would get so flustered about it. Ethan has a very distict laugh and when he gets a goin, its a cute giggle mixed with a little bit of him trying to hold in his loud and vicious laugh. Yes vicious. I still can remember him being a diapered little boy with those really long eye lashes. He has ALWAYS been a mamma's boy. He had some difficulties with getting rid of that bottle. But didnt we all. I gotta be careful what I write about these siblings who can read :) whoops a daisies. Im not sure I could explain Ethan's personality on this post. So I am seeing him today...I will get a video to fully explain him. He is classic, and you dont want to miss out on his attitude. Maybe I will get a video when he is not watching. Yes yes, thats what I will do. Be prepared. So this video best describes Ethan. While other children are doing their thing..this is Ethan's thing. This is usually how it is. I captured the basis of Ethan's entire life. No. Scratch that. He is not lazy...just relaxed about things. Don't get me wrong..he does get fired up when he is angered. oh goodness just watch. it also gives you a grasp of chandler and lad too.

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