Saturday, August 16, 2008

peru. first full day.

we went to visit some ruins in chupaco. some guy absolutely was furious that we wanted to jump off teh ruins and take a pic. we waited till he turned then suceeded in some incredible pictures. oh did i mention the elevation is 10,000 here. it is. and we hiked a large mountain and i thought i was going to die. i have a constant headache, they say it will go away. i hope. the bus alone is an experience. so their are two lanes but they squeeze three cars or more in there. i was sticking my camera taking a picture of oh maybe a lamb in a baby carrier that they wrap around their bodies, or maybe i was taking a photo of 15 dogs lined up around a food stand, or hey i think i could have been taking a picture of the cow that wouldnt get out of the road, oh no i was taking a picture of the car that just cut us off as we went up onto the curb and missed a pole, anyway this is a two lane street meaning cars in one lane go one way and cars in the other lane go the otehr way and i just thought i heard something coming up next to me. yes it was another bus who saw that the road got bigger there so it decided to go between us and oncoming traffic...not a big deal. one hour of internet cost 1 soles which is about 35 cents. and 1 soles is like their dollar i guess. or more. sunday market is a huge deal here. everybody talks about it all day long. oh the market on sunday ill buy that. people stare at us group of volunteers alot, maybe because we are tall, or maybe because jana has orange hair. i did dance with some locals today. we are going to a rock concert ton ight where there will be 3000 people. wow! a co uple of volunteers have gotten their purse stolen or money or something. i ate dinner yesterday at this place and somehow forgot i was supposed to not drink the water but i got a frozen limeade.stupid. so if that doesnt give me parasites, maybe if that doesnt work then forgetting to clean off my forks might, oh if that doesnt do it the toliet surely will. i asked claire who has been here 5 weeks how many times she has gotten sick she said 2ce really really bad and it took her days to get over it, then other times like 5. i was like oh great. ha. but i should be okay. ive found that if they say they will there at 10 it will really be eleven. i dont know if anyone even desires to hear bout this random info. ihave already written 17 pages in my blue journal. thank goodness for hand sanitizer and my oils. the peppermint oil saved my life on the bus ride. i was so queasy. but i brushed my teeth with spice traders. not recommended and if that doesnt kill parasites nothing will. thanks mom.

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