Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day seven. Meet Echo.

she just felt fierce and loving. loves to cuddle and...be mean a little too.
i like to make echo laugh. it makes me laugh.
a piece of firework fell on her at stadium of fire. she was a bit bothered. could have hurt me she said.
this is just yesterday ago! she really knows how to pose too. this was supposed to be my photo shoot, and she decided to jump in and make it OUR photo shoot
this was today! She jumped in the river. current strong. grab the rope. i yell echo. she poses. duh. gotta pose. if you click on the picture and look close you will see a sticker E. She and others put their initial on their backs, so it would tattoo. IT did. I just forgot to take a photo.

Echo. WHerein lies the beauty of echo? I will tell you. Echo is very fierce. Echo's middle name is Charity. Quite a treasure she is. Echo has beautiful brown eyes, big too. She is sometimes/all the time a really big flirt. She has plenty of men after her and sometimes steals her sister's men. (Dont get mad at me for writing that Echo) But that story is somewhat classic. Ill give you the short version. Sally was crushin on somebody. Echo knew of this crush. Sally was planning a small get together with this somebody...she texted him at some point and he texted back that he was confused. She asked why. He said, "well Echo and I basically you know..like each other and held hands..or something like that" Echo stole Sally's MAN!! hahhahaha that story will never be forgotten.
Story #2 When echo was probably 7 or something I was going to pick out my dance uniforms with Tosha to Malta (which is about a half hour away). Echo desperatly wanted to attend. Mom wouldnt let her for various unknown (cannot remember) reasons. Echo stood at the top of the stairs and screamed a very vicious scream at my mom. My dad then came in to calm her and he put his arms on her and she hit him really hard, probably in the face (if not just pretend she did, it improves my story) and screamed "I HATE YOU! I HATE ALL OF YOU!!" as if she thought this fit she was throwing would make my parents say, "oh no! she hates us..oh lets let her go, so she wont hate us anymore." (I hope if you are a parent and your child tells you they hate you, you will not give in...because they dont hate you..they just really despise you 'at that moment') ANyway..then she threatened to get a knife and actually (kill) my dad. Not that she would have killed him, as she was seven and probably ranging in about 50-70 pounds and 4 ft or less tall..and my dad is 6'4 ish.. and 250 ish... so... it probably wouldnt have happened. But..she def. always reminded us that she was either going to kill us, or that she hated us.
Story #3 so this story is a sympathy for echo story. It goes pretty simple. Sally cousin Tess and I were riding our bikes to Granny's house (about 2 miles away on dirt roads) we did not want Echo to come..she was probably 5-7 age group..cant remember. Anyway, so we sped ahead as fast as we could and she followed us on her little bike. She ended up hitting a large rock and crashing behind us. I saw her and I still remember skidding my bike and throwing it..as my bike was sliding/gliding on the dirt like bikes do when you skid then let go of them and leap off in a run in the opposite direction (our bikes didnt last very long). I ran to her and she was crying very very loudly and in very very much pain, as she had cut her head open, knees open, and the panic motherly instinct in me took over. I directed for tess and sally to run home and get dad, as echo was bleeding all over. I stayed with her and held her bloody mass of little body against mine. Oh Echo I think that is where I realized I could not be mean to you ever again because if I did then you would get hurt and I would feel really really bad. (echo survived, although she still has scars)
Story #4 Echo sleeping. Echo talks in her sleep. Echo kicks you in her sleep. Echo is old! and still kicks in her sleep. Echo cuddles with you in her sleep, then you yell at her in the night and she will quickly turn away and hide. Echo reads books. Lots of books. Probably 20-30 books in a WEEK. thats right in a week. Echo is tall. Echo is taller than me. Echo has really long legs. Echo is pretty. I love Echo.

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AJ and Summer said...

Brit I think you should write more honestly I love love love reading your storied, thoughts and insights on everyone and I cannot wait to read what you have to say about me. Honestly I love them. Thanks! and I love you. Summer