Monday, August 25, 2008

giants in peru

i am a giant here. dont try to buy a jacket in peru. they are cheap but the sleeves are for midgets. dont try to stand up on a bus. it hurts your head. dont get attacked by children with scissors and cleaning supplies. i have a cold. but it was bound to happen surrounded by hundreds of children who dont wash their hands. i am going to a concert in peru. my second one actually. i got back from the jungle. where i climbed waterfalls then slide down them. injuries are minor. i ate a rodent. are you kidding. that is so gross. i didnt. i cant believe i only have six days left. it has flown by. i found a chocolate bar today and ate it, or rather consumed it in a couple bites. you better believe that is what all the siblings are getting for a treat. it is fifty cents here. which turns into 17 cents in america. i cant tell if i have a tan line on my feet from the chacos or from the dirt surronding the chaco lines. i eat a lot of rice. but i love it. and ive cinched another belt hole. meaning im losing weight. i think. a girl today was telling me a spanish word, then asked what it was in english. i looked it up in my spanish dictionary (thanks benj) oh because they ripped apart my electronic one and i have the lid but the main part has disappeared. stolen by the angels. (thanks angels) anyway the word was fleas. so she was itching her leg saying this spanish word, which means fleas, meaning...hey volunteer im itching my legs because i have fleas, now give me some carmellos and take my picture and maybe give me some stickers too. and i will dig through your bag and steal your electronic translation device. oh and break it in half..... this is getting too long. basically its hard work. its stressful, and our teachers left us again today. not just mine. all three classes. children were storming the school, and the cook had to come help. it was drastically funny. humor saves me. i miss food that i dont have to think twice about is this going to make me ill.... i miss that kinda food. i miss my bed. i miss being surronded by clean people. honest. i do.

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