Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day fourteen. Meet Tosha.

Tosha. Tosha P. Thats what grandpa calls her. I dont think she likes it. My friend was over to my house when I was younger. Junior high I believe and she said...'oh Tosha and Hannah are twins right? Because I cannot tell them apart.' Never in my life have I ever thought they look even remotely similar. But..I guess thats your call. So Tosha is a bit reserved, but still not afraid to speak out. I wouldnt say she needs to be the center of attention ever..but she can be. She is married to Lance Arnout and they have a pretty little 19th month old Remi. (whos full name is NOT remington)
This is right after I went down the river with Remi and Tosha. Remi screamed while Tosha laughed and continued to tell her it was okay. But...She wanted Lance as soon as we got off the river and Tosh traumatized her. Seriously.

Lets not waste time. StorY: Tosha modeled in high school. So did Brooke and Hannah, but tosh took it a step further and went on some trips. She is 5'10 blonde skinny as HECK and (but not too skinny) and probably 130. 130 pounds. Not old. She is like 26? No 27. Yes 27 years old.
Story 2:TOsha speaks Spanish bueno. como? she served in equador. por qué? On a mission. Can you tell I have been working on my spanish!?? No I havent been like I should be. But I try. I keep eating sixlets. IM going to be sick.
Story 3: Tosha came home very sick from her mission. With parasites. She actually came home a month earlier but didnt get an honorable release because she came home early, but completed the full mission! YAY! But she apparently spent the last month of her mission throwing up..and other stuff at the mission home. Then enough was enough and she came home to do all that. Now..it was bad. She had eCOLI and well..she layed in bed while she asked me to read her scriptures to her in Spanish. I really mutilated it. And she was correcting me every other word. Then I would just give up and just go with however I felt like pronouncing..which led her to just laugh hysterically at me. It was not successful that Spanish reading. Then I do recall her crawling to the closet. Then saying, Brit can you come in here? I walk in and she needed me to dress her. She was sicker than sicky. She couldnt walk around much and had to basically lay in bed all day. She did eventually go to a blood doctor, get things sorted out, and welp now we have Lance and Remi to watch her. :)

Story again: Remi, her daughter..is ALWAYS saying 'mama' mama' Well that means that is what I listen to for hours on end when Tosha is trying to finish school at BYU. In Home and family. NO in Neuroscience. Yah. Neuroscience. Gross...I mean Awesome. So here is a pic of Tosh...what she looks like ALL the time. Unless Remi is napping.
Tosha's new model shot.

Well Tosha lives in Midway now and Lance is a drug rep. Yep he sells drugs. ALl the time. Everyday. Tosha will never turn anyone away for a meal or a place to stay. Here is the deal though. If you ever plan on staying there...be prepared for the extreme. Ill tell you. THey have either complete JUNK food (lance) or complete HEALTHY food. LIke all organic no wheat no glucose no GNI no R40 Or blue 24. Okay so IM making that up. But its true, TOsh is so healthy all the time! Well she does eat hamburgers every once in awhile she admitted to me once on a trip to state track. SHe said, "Brit just be okay with A&W (lance and tanner's choice) sometimes I just eat like crap on road trips because they wont go anywhere healthy, you just have to okay brit?" as I was near tears because I dont love greasy foods. JK about the tears, but I was angered.

Tosha and I have became a lot closer since she moved here from Arizona. I love going up to her house and just hanging out, the relaxed do anything or whatever atmosphere is so wonderful. People just all need to calm down and talk for 3 hours because running around doing errands and important stuff is boring and creates no memories. Agree with me? did you agree? I hope so.

I love Tosha and her skinny (lets add white) legs. And her no bum, which I will inform you, she has been working on and it no longer indents. Serious, it doesnt anymore. I just thought of quite a humorous story. I can make it short. Ill do that.
Tosh was going down the slide at my birthday party. She lost her top. Her ..whats the scientific word for upper top growth? Well it fell out of her swim suit. TOsh dont kill me for telling this story. And brooke dont kill me for what I am about to say next. Brooke said to me later as we were talking about it, "Tosha has nice looking boobs" OH my gosh Brooke. HAHHAAHAHA I hope NOBODY reads this far down today. WOwzer I am PG-13. But I trust that nobody is CTRL F-ing this page for the word b**b. OH and disregard that I just said F-ing. Its not like it sounds. OH my gosh I am so bad. I am done. HEre is a pic which I stole from Brookes facebook to show you of TOsh right before...she had that swimsuit mess up her life. (just Lance and brooke saw, no worries) And if any of you are seriously offended by this story. I wont take it off. Unless it is Brooke, or TOsha, then I will think about it for a little while, then feel bad then when I get back from Peru I MIGHT take it off. (the story, I know we are talking about clothes coming off, but Im not)

Tosha is pretty isnt she? Well just know that she is one of my 7 sisters. And I like her. A lot. I would say love, but thats cliche and cheezy right now. But I do love her, and her family and Oh my hecko I just thought of something else. One time/all the time I call tosha and ask her what scripture it is that talks about (choose any subject) and she knows it. She knows the exact scripture. Always and can recite it back to you. ANd no her mission did not do that for her, she was like that before.
GOsh. Meet Tosha. You can call her Tosha P. I think its funny when Grampy does it.

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tosha said...

I would like to clarify. It's not that I didn't get an honorable release, I didn't get any release at all, I just got to go home.