Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day eight. Meet Shad.

Shad loves bright colors. Like neon orange. Hot Shad, Hot.
Shad rode home with Benj and I from Sally's state BBALL. We stopped at Twin falls canyon. I teetered my camera on a post and we got this off centered wonderous shot.
obviously shad is not the camera poser like echo, and all the girls...cept maybe tosh..she doesnt like to pose and she was the most model of us all..anyway shad is not all up in the camera's grill all the time. so his shots aren't exactly model shots. i apologize. or is it too late to pologize shad. im sorry.
NEed I say more? (notice that he actually did leave his saliva on the camera..this is how it always is when i try to get a picture of this kid, trouble he is) This video explains him to the T. (where did that expression come from..i knoweth not. My stomach is growling. I need to eat after this post. Man do you guys get so bored of my postings about my siblings?) (dont tell anyone, but I am starting to think people gave up on reading my blog because it was too much work...which puts a damper on my posting fire and desire...ah well if anything its a good journal entry right?...really good for me..probably not for you to read...anyway..SHAD) SO one thing that DRIVES ME MAd is when people call shad..chad. Isn't that terrible!?? IT eats my skin. And I tell them over and over a discreet way.. they will say, oh your brother 'chad' and i say ya, SHad is coming down. (with a strong emphasis on SHSHSHSHSHSHSH) DO THEY NOT GET IT?!?!??!?! oh my goodness gracious. whatever.
Shad was in charge of getting me a pocketknife for peru. He brought me a freakin machete. He was like, "Brit you gotta take it, nobody will attack you." I was like..uh Shad, im going to an orphanage. I dont need a machete to strap to my belt. He thought it would be a good idea to be protected. HOw thoughtful of him..he loves me. (he also brought me a smaller but still large knife.)
ANother SHad story: Stacking HAy. Good good times. I still remember dad getting mad at him for something and him just taking off running...where did he go? I dunno, but he is still here so he didnt go too far. Just saw him yesterday. I also remember him tipping over the trailer of hay onto the rim of the pickup bed and putting a small smashing in it. Its okay shad. I did worse to dad's equiptment. And sally did worse to the dodge. No worries. Shad can do anything I swear it! He can fix things, tell any joke or story, bug the heck out of you by poking and slurping and other things...and he is a HARD worker. He loves doing farm stuff...or at least we think he does because he keeps doing it. He comes in covered in cow poop and grease and thank goodness he and landon attempted at fixing my car. Shad can also draw anything!! oh my goodness he has tons of talent. One thing I notice about shad is when I bring friends home he immediately shows them the ropes of everything and makes them feel comfortable. Shad arent you almost 16!! oh girls watch out! He will be-friend everyone.
Sweet Shad. Here is a sweet story of this rough teen boy who likes/hates cows. When he was in grade school..which feels like yesterday but now he is in high school!(speaking of which he is an awesome lineman!! go shadrack (nickname for obvious religious reasons) Soo gradeschool. My mom was told by someone that everyday at lunch shad would sit by this girl whom was autistic. He would never let her sit alone and he would talk to her like she was he would anyone else and they became good friends. I would frequently attend gradeschool lunch and witnessed heart would break because Shad was a teaser and not what his teachers would call a nice quiet friendly boy. So this was a very positive thing Shad was doing. I love Shad...I would have no patience if shad didnt teach me how to be patient :) jk shad. I really love you! Oh and also. His babysitting, cooking skillz are amazing. He watches Ammon all the time. He also makes the best steak I have ever eaten. He beat out RUBY RIVER by a long shot! Chef...? Probably future career. He will go out and carve the cow himself then go in and cook it. Skills.

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