Monday, August 18, 2008

oh peru.

saturday i went to a concert. you just need to know a few small things. dog fight. me in the middle. phil a co volunteer kicking the pack of dogs away from me. me kinda in shock that i just participated in a dog fight. concert. the line was 3000 people. wrapped around about four large blocks. two hour line. lots of smoke, beer, and peruvian tunes. i was impressed with the music though. not with the concert morale. it was kinda stand there and bounce with a blank expression. 3000 people. i had to go to the bathroom, but...jana and megan friends. . they walked with me to the womans bathroom. and i said, um is that a guy in our bathroom, sure is. is he..ya he is. he is preparing food in our bathroom and selling it outside. now if you imagine the grossest dirtiest most horrendous bathroom you have ever seen in your life... cancel that out of your mind. because it is not even close to this bathroom. first of all they dont you want details...ya you do. they dont flush papel down the taza so that reeks. then the toliets leak so that creates 7 inches of water on the ground. then they were using large garbage cans filled with muggy water as sinks. um...germ fest. so he had some crates stacked up and was preparing these sandwiches and selling them for like 5 soles. which can be compared to like a dollar fifty. so i decided i would hold it. for another two plus hours. so we walk back through the crowd..oh did i say walk, i meant squoze. i cant think how to whatever. squoze ourselves back through the crowd and then we told the story about sandwiches being prepared to claire, and she said, oh phil just had a sandwich. we then made a large mistake and told phil. first of all it was dumb of him to eat it and pay five soles for it. sorry phil. but it was. hes from new zealand....dont worry about it. so he was a little queasy. but that didnt stop him from staying at this concert till one in the morning. goodness. i went home early and we did it ourselves around midnight. it was an accomplishment. okay that was longer than i wanted it to be. sunday i went to church in a very nice building right down the street. the hymns were not put up anywhere, so i had to guess the tune, they were very easy to guess and find the page and i dont know why i struggled so much with guessing i stand all amazed. anyway i ran into 6 missionaries today at the market that was fun today. one was from st. george, cali, you know the normal. i love explaining even to the volunteers about mormons. they are pretty fascinated. we have such a selection of volunteers and accents.- kentucky, london, new zealand, canada,montana me...i say oh my heck and apparently that is unheard of..or rather they just think im lame cuz i say it. but..this experience. lets we saw a car. think small piece of junko car with the back open like a station wagon with twin sized mattresses stacked up, probably about 10 inside and on top. no probably 14 serious. i went to an orphanage yesterday and played some sunday activity games.....ha..those kids pretty much need everything and anything. so mi donations will come in handy. my orphange is a bit nicer. 35 point something cents americano money. there is so much to know about peru. i could write books. but of course i am long winded. but i am starting to slack with freaking out about a two year old sitting on the street or a 14 year old peeing right in front of me. its normal here. as well as cows with bright ribbons all over them. and a herd may or may not consist of various different animals. sheep. cows. dogs. dont see any cats being herded. kids. lambs. goats. boars. all in one herd. people think im crazy. one. im mormon. two i brought pictures of our family and they like that. three. im crazy without the mormon and family status. i like peru. im rich here. way rich.

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