Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day twelve. Meet Tanner.

so not the highest quality picture..but it shows his talls. (how tall he is) and i was tiptoeing. at least i think i was.
Tanner and his 'fiance' at the time. Read below for details on her. she is a treat. And he hearts her. ps..they did get married. pps. we were at a jazz game.
Faith is such a cute newborn. Especially in her blessing dress. Tanner was playing ball. I probably said, hey tanner, come get in this pic. He probably didnt want to. I probably made him. I believe it took us a few tries to actually get a smile from Tanner. Yes yes it did.

He is really nice to old ladies. And I pulled this pic from the archives. She is probably saying,"wow you got so tall, last time I saw you you were this tall. and chubbier."

Tanner. Brian Tanner Hansen. Brian comes from my dad. Well technically it COMES from my nana whom named my dad. besides the point. So its late!!! And im sure you are asking yourself..Brittany H. What took you so freakin long to post today..I was on the edge of my seat just checking your blog every five mintues! Then I almost called you to see why in the world you hadnt posted yet. To make sure everything was okay. Well the truth computer is very SLOW. I know not 12 hours slow..but! I am apologizing for the slowness, and if any of you want your money back...whatever I need your money. I leave for peru on Thursday morning. GOsh this is about Tanner. I get so selfish sometimes. Tanner. I believe he is 24. He is attending BYU studying (ag business) which I way cool. Cool like AJ (summers hubby). See post below. K my computer is seriously struggling. Typing is not okay. every other word (i feel like) my dearest computer will stop and freeze. Lameness. This could hinder tanners post. If it already hasnt. Gosho. SO. Tanner. I have a few very vivid memories of Tanner.

He plays basketball. really well. He can and will dunk it in your face. He is really tall. 6'5'' He married Amanda who is really ..short.. k amanda you are...just deal with the fact. But she is cute. Too cute for Tanner :) tanner im kidding. she is pregnant!! shout out to amanda and her cute belly. Gosh I was thinking Im going to have to do a post about all my nieces and nephews..oh wait i have no nephews. But and for my bro and sis in laws. Back to tanner and bball. So in highschool at a home game. I was in eighth grade. Tanner was a senior. He fell. Some stuff happened to his knee. Sorry i dont know details. remember how I just pull stuff from my head to make it more natural. i dont do research, thats boring. I guess. This is more natural. So Tanner tore something bad. I remember standing up with the crowd. ANd I remember Tanner's face squinched in pain. My big invincible brother was in serious pain. My little heart just hurt. I remember that. I remember on the way home. He sat in the seat in the van. 15 passenger. Propped up and sideways. I sat behind him. it was dark. I dont remember if he was crying or not. But if he was it was in secret as my dad over analyzed what happened over and over again. I dont think my dad reads my blog. So.. ha! He will not be offended that I said that. But dad..if you do read. . I dont mean that you did not analyze without purpose. You do it so you can figure it out in your own head. I know this. Dont worry. so Tanner. I watched him as he said goodbye to his senior bball season. ON that car ride home to Standrod. I remember hurting so bad inside for him. (I was 14 really emotional and vibrant) I cried for him on that ride home. then probably felt awkward when I thought about it the next day. Because if you knew tanner and I's relationship.....well ya. About that relationship. Storytime.

We fought. Constantly. I was younger he was the older brother he had to tease right? I guess. On the way home from church one sunday. we were about a 3/4 mile away from home. Him and I were fighting about something. Mom tanner did this! Mom tanner keeps pulling faces at me and I HATE HIM!! well I am pretty sure my dad hates the word hate. So now I try to say dislike unless I really despise something. So my dad slammed on his brakes. I thought. Oh no. He said, "Get out" Me I was thinking he meant Tanner so Tanner got out. He said, "You too brit." I thought..uh Im an innocent Girl. He said, "you babies and kiss and make up on the walk home" I really had this really angry feeling towards tanner and my dad. I got out. Tanner walked home. I stayed in the woods. My dad came back for me. I was mad at him so I did come out of the woods. He eventually left. My mom came back. I wouldnt get in the car. So I rode on the outside. On the dirt road. On the way home. Welp you are probably brit that is your best memory of tanner. Horrid. Ha. well kinda. I also remember some other details.

He made fun of me cuz I wore a 'training bra' in fourth grade. when I was flat as a plain in Arkansas. (they have plains right) Now..well we can talk later how that training bra worked. if you even read this far down. Im sorry.
Okay..thats probably all I wanna tell about unhappy stuff. did create this bond.

next story. We were driving home from school one night. I was in eighth grade, he was a senior. And we ran out of fuel in the Dodge. we were probably 4 miles? Anyway, so I have crap shoes on. great! So tanner tells me to stay in the truck (it was still light or I would NOT have done this in the middle of nowhere) and he puts on a coat and I still remember him not telling me what he was doing or saying nothing but.. stay here. I also can remember his driver side door slamming, watching him take a deep breath and then starting to jog away down the long long straight road. dirt. Then I sit. I two way radio every couple of minutes to see if somebody at home (no cell service) will walk through the ONE room that the radio sits in. nobody ever heard. An hour or more goes by. Then I remember someone coming to get me. Other details happened.
Tanner's personality is very...extraordinary. he makes me laugh a lot. I cannot even explain it. He and his cousin whom is my cousin as well. They get together and get talking in this voices that resemble borat.. And oh my hack. Hack is like heck but more....umph. Tanner also threw the discus. Far. I remember. He served in Minnesota/Wisconsin speaking Hmong. 6'5'' Blonde with 3 foot Asians. Ironically funny. The language is very difficult and he mastered it. He loves his mission president very much. He brought me back a wisconsin sweater. I love it. I wear it still.

tanner treats his wife Amanda very well with humor and love. Tanner I know will be a great father...a bit funny and I cannot WAIT to see his child and see his face when he sees his baby. oh my heck I almost began to tear up.
So I know Tanner has a great testimony of the gospel and he also would do anything for his family members. Anytime I ask him a favor he more than willingly does it without questioning why or why can someone else not do it. i love that quality in him. He also is very good with plants and ag stuff. business ideas in his head all the time. If I need advice about cars...or something that takes intelligence beyond my own I usually call tanner. I love having him as a brother. I have so much respect for his choice to live the gospel and marry in the temple. He also is a very good chef, and Amanda and him together love cooking. which is great. Because amanda doesnt play a nick of bball intensely like tanner does.

HA! Funny story. I lived with Tanner and Amanda and i was sitting on the couch one day talking about how we were going to play on a city league basketball team and I said looking at Amanda, we are trying to get a team together with good athletes who can meet some standards of playing level, and I said, Amanda you could play. And Tanner said, "what are your standards?, being able to walk and dribble isnt a standard" And I said, Amanda can dribble. And he kinda was quiet, then he said, "ya Amanda can be on your team if you dont care about winning." HA! what a good sport amanda is.. she just took it and nodded and said, "ill come and watch" And she did..thanks amanda :)
This talking reminds me of another quite vivid item of convo. Tanner and I were at costco and I was picking out my first phone. CELLY. I was 17 fresh outta highschoool. I wanted a PINK razor. Tanner said, "No brit, all the girls who have those have this attitude." I said, what? no I want one. He said, If you get one I will not talk to you.. Then he said.."If I saw a girl, met her, saw she had a pink razor, I would stop talking to her, and never talk to her again, even if i was supposed to marry her. I wouldnt. If she had a pink razor. Okay fine I said. Fine! Wont get one then!
One year and some later. Tanner met Amanda. Who was 18. Who had that attitude about her. He met her. Saw her pink razor. Lied to me. And still married her. obviously the pink razor did not matter that much to you Tanner. You just didnt want boys to like me for my razor. (phone not blades, duh)

Did I mention tanner had a fro.
Something bad just happened. I lost half my post. GREEETTT. mad brittany. Whatever I dont get mad.
Brittany redid post. took forever. Gosho. K. If you dont know tanner. You should sit and talk to him. And then you will know him. And then due to his type, he will probably get your phone number and help you with your car, or help you do something. Only if he likes you though. tanner is my brother. And dont you forget it. I love him. So does my mom. And dad. Oh and all the all 20 of them. Even maddie my niece. She loves him too. he throws her. She giggles. Tanner is a nice uncle and soon to be dad. Watch out Parenting Magazine. Tanner is subscribing.

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