Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Break of siblings. About me. ALl about me.

Benj was so nice and rented a snow cone machine for my bday bash. I ate one. I liked it.
This was miley. Brooke bought all these miley decorations for my bday..hahaha! believe it. This was the sunday party.
we just woke up. syd probably slept in her swimsuit. like sally.
sally brooke me. before we tipped. ouch that hurt. lad and ian screamed..and they were the ones with the safety vests. I dont know what hurt more, Lad's arms clenched around my neck choking me..or the other tubes running over my body smashing me into the rocks, or the rocks smashing into me. my knees. ouchy. (visualize this, and see Ian and lad hiding behind the tube)
Brooke caught this shot of me jumping into this water/river. wasnt very deep. lots of people, lots of rock, could have been lots of pain. but was not. Kudos to brooke..nice pic. was my birthday on the 3rd. DO i feel older. Nope. Do I wanna talk about my last year of bliss and fun. Yep. What did I do in this year. Let me think.
1. september: started my sophmore year of college at BYU. Now:about to start Junior year.
2.Sept:Just got back from being a nanny in texas for three beautiful 2 year olds Trevor, Bryce and Reid. NOw: still in love with the boys and family, going to see them in october.
3. October: bought a car. Lexus 1993.NOw: Car is busted. Looking for another car.
4. December: Went to Vail Colorado to nanny for the boys again while they were on vacation there...went with brooke. Spent New years there. Fun. Now: Seeing them at balloon festival in October. Bringing Brooke and Benj.
5. Jan:Went to San Fran with friends, Natalie, Jared and Benj. Had a blast. Snow storm happened on the way home. Now: Next road trip sounds like it will be with Benj and Brooke and maybe others to New Mexico.
6. Second semester happened, i guess that is before san fran...ah well: NOW: first semester of my junior year is happening.
7.March. Worked at Gymboree. NOt going to say anything bad about it. But not my favorite job. NOw: work somewhere else. Love it.
8.Bought a bike somewhere in there. Beach cruiser. Ride it. Love it. Now: still love it.
9. Moved in with brooke. Love it. Now: jen moved in too. Love her.
10. didnt party much Now: party all the time!!!!! FIve straight days of party. Party at jons pool on friday the 1st. Saturday slept all day and did something else party related that i cant remember.. oh movie..haha.. then sunday had another night party. monday lava, party, tuesday lava, party.

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Lisa said...


I am not bored of your blog at all, and I love getting to know your siblings better and seeing them through your eyes. Keep it up!

Also, I probably won't see you before you go to Peru, so GOOD LUCK down there!