Friday, August 15, 2008

peru. im here im here im here

location. huancayo peru. in a plywood divided internet place im getting eaten alive by invisible bugs. great. my flight was delayed. of course. customs took forever. benj and i left my house in provo at 4 am. i arrived in lima around 11pm. got to the home we stayed at 1 am. so im alive. i feel your prayers for reals. the people here are amazing. lima was smoggy overcrowded and im glad i came here. 7 hour bus ride with very tiny roads that i thought i was going to die on werent so bad. 3 soles to every dollar. still workin on the math. well iuts more like 2. 85 ish. anyway. i had a travelling companion from kentucky. his name is craig. he is such a blessing. we find humor in everything. peru is... more and less than i expected. i probably have already used 1gb on my camera. adn its just been 4 8hrs of travel. so the volunteers are going camping tonight. no tents. somewhere random. i was like..uh i have only gotten 6 hours of night sleep haha. it is kinda unreal here. no it is. really unreal. im not sure if i can upload pictures because i cant see its too dark in here. well our time is up. up up up. fifteen minutes goes fast when yu are used to unlimted access. why am i talking about this. its boring compared to waht i have seen. i am oging to a concert tommorow peruvian music. murray ill get yo some music dont u worry. you will hear from me soon.

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